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About us

Ctcnordica is world renown distribution group extended in large part of the CTC with assortment of business partner over 100 countries worldwide. The company has its base in Hong Kong which is one of the adorable hub for trading branded electronics and other consumer items.

  • We have an exquisite record of export/import trading and experience of more than 7 years in this field. We are regular distributor of world’s leading brands such as Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony, Leica, Sekonic, Apple, Samsung, Panasonic, Tokina, Olympus, Leica, Canon, GoPro, Tamron, Sigma, Bose, Sennheiser, FitBit, OnePlus, Huawei etc. Moreover, deals in wide range of categories that comprise Electronics products and accessories, Computer products and accessories, Clothes, Food items, Sundry items and many other consumer products. We enjoy wide range of nordicawork both locally and internationally to move and deliver our products in the most effective and proficient manner.

  • We always owe the responsibility to offers best products accompanied with affordability and competitive price. We also keep working on trust building factors and long term business relationship with our client and vendors across different part of the world to enhance mutual cooperation and commitment between us.

  • We entertain FedEx, DHL, UPS for courier base shipment and also with freight forwarders who are expert and specialised for country specific shipments and clearance. In this way, we are proud to proclaim that we are more than capable of moving the shipment across the world in the most efficient way.

    In addition we are always in the pursuit of amalgamation of new customers and vendors, so that we can expand and excel our market and business relation to a new horizon. In this process, Ctcnordica frequently visits in world’s renowned trade fair and on several occasions we actively participate in it as well. This is in order to meet our clients or vendors not only in Hong Kong but also at various location across the CTC through the medium of trade fair events.

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